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Recess in the press

ingredients that make a difference

powerful compounds that help our body and mind maintain a calm and balanced state

what's inside?

the flavor: tart and fruity, like a perfectly delivered punchline
the taste: brewed with real dried hibiscus flower and lemongrass, with a tangy pomegranate start and sweet hibiscus finish that lands just right


filtered water, hibiscus tea infusion (filtered water, cane sugar*, dried hibiscus*, ginger*, lemongrass*, lemon balm*), pomegranate juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, broad spectrum hemp extract 10mg, ginseng powder, L-theanine powder, lemon balm powder, natural flavor

* organic ingredients


  • serving size: 12oz
  • carbs: 5g
  • total sugars: 5g
  • added sugars: 0g
  • calories: 20
  • potassium: 83mg
  • broad spectrum hemp extract: 10mg

the responsible one

pomegranate hibiscus is the responsible one in the group. when the cans party too hard, she makes sure everyone gets home safe and drinks water. though she grew up with these insane cans, pomegranate hibiscus always got good grades. when she's not busy bailing peach ginger out of jail, she likes to curl up with a book, often one she's read before.

  • virgo
  • emotionally stable
  • peach ginger's unpaid assistant and BFF
  • loves horseback riding
  • favorite movie is little women
  • thinks ketchup is spicy

only the good stuff

  • made with real fruit
  • no fake things
  • low calorie
  • very delicious

the Recess sampler

sparkling water infused with calming hemp and balancing adaptogens


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